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The Big Heart Award was created by the Children’s Cancer Family Foundation to recognize and appreciate “Kids Helping Kids with Cancer." This $1,000 award is to be used to help the recipient continue to carry out their mission of helping pediatric cancer patients.

Congratulations to all our Big Heart Award winners through the years!



Last fall, Andi decided to help families dealing with pediatric cancer by making sure their Christmas included joy.  She delivers a “Christmas that dreams are made of” through her Catch a Christmas Dream Drive.  Andi focuses on the whole family affected by pediatric cancer, making sure parents and siblings are included in the gift giving.  Through outreach in the community, Andi secured $5,000 of donations from local businesses, including toys for children and gift cards for their parents.  Inspired by the giving nature of the holidays, Andi’s generosity is delivering dreams and making a difference in the lives of others. Watch Andi's video below.



Helping childhood cancer patients is personal for Mallory, because she received her own diagnosis at the age of 15.  Her self-confidence took a serious blow when she lost her hair during treatments.  It was through that personal challenge that Booster Bags was born.  Initially meant for teen girls with cancer, the bags contained self-image-boosting items like head scarves, makeup and nail polish.  Mallory’s mission has since expanded to include pediatric cancer patients of all kinds, and the Booster Bags were re-imagined to include toys and other items that can act as a distraction from procedures.  Mallory estimates as many as 75 Booster Bags have been donated and looks forward to continuing her project and providing a “boost” to those in need. Watch Mallory's video below.



Elliana began helping children with cancer at the age of just five.  After her younger sister died of a heart defect 38 days after birth, Elliana dedicated herself to raising money for other pediatric patients.  She started selling pieces of handmade artwork, often including a rainbow design that her family associates with her sister. Using the proceeds, Elliana buys American Girl dolls without hair and donates them to children in hospitals.  She enjoys delivering some of the gifts herself, while the others are wrapped as a surprise for the patients.  These kind gestures spread joy, acting as their own kind of rainbow by reminding these children of something beautiful even during the stormiest time of their life. Watch Elliana's video below.

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