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rayne's story

In April 2022, the Hetherington Family was finally
able to take their twice rescheduled Florida vacation
with family. A short week after getting home, an
early morning urgent care trip turned into Rayne’s
mother rushing her to the ER. It was a long day of
emergency blood and platelet transfusions; followed
by being brought by ambulance to Children’s of
Milwaukee. After a long exhausting day, the family
received the news that Rayne had cancer. In the
early days, the family made trips to Milwaukee 3
times a week and about 10 hospitalizations. Rayne
receives chemotherapy daily, a pill once a week
and gets IV treatments through her port. She has
been in treatment for almost 2 years and has
about 6 months left of full treatment. The journey
is long, and it has affected their entire family.
Rayne’s family is so grateful for CCFF’s support.

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