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braden's story

In the summer of 2023, Braden started
experiencing dizziness. After a visit to his family
doctor and completing several weeks of physical
therapy without any improvement, a CAT scan
was scheduled. After the scan, Braden’s family
received a call that would change their lives
forever: a mass was found on his brain, and he
was referred to Children’s Hospital. During the
weeks Braden spent at Children’s, he underwent
surgery, but only a portion of the tumor was able
to be removed, as it was attached to his brain
stem. Braden came out of surgery with optic
nerve damage and is now required to wear special
glasses to help him focus without double vision.
Braden continues to routinely have appointments
at Children’s Hospital and is required to take oral
chemotherapy medication daily. Thank you to the
Children’s Cancer Family Foundation and their
generosity, the Krock Family has been able to
provide for their family while caring for Braden.

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